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CanGene-CanVar is a multi-centre program with investigators from seven different organisations across the UK:

1) Institute of Cancer Research (lead site)

2) University of Cambridge

3) University of Southampton

4) Public Health England

5) University of Oxford

6) University of Manchester

7) St George's, University of London

In addition to the program investigators, we have a number of research staff including bioinformations, data managers, and PhD students working across the program. 

To ensure our research is delivered to the highest standard, we have appointed committees and panels to regularly review areas of the program and share their advice and feedback. These are: 

  • Science Advisory Committee

  • CanVIG-UK Steering Committee

  • Patient Reference Panel


Program Investigators

Prof. Clare Turnbull


Institute of Cancer Research

Program Lead; Work-package 2 lead (Data Resources for Variant Interpretation)

Dr Marc Tischkowitz


University of Cambridge

Program Co-Lead; Work-package 3 lead (Clinical guidance)

Prof. Antonis Antoniou

University of Cambridge

Work-package 1c lead (Data analysis) 

Prof. Eva Morris

University of Oxford

Work-package 1b lead (data linkage)

Prof. Gareth Evans

University of Manchester

Work-package 3 (Clinical guidelines)

Prof. Clare Foster

Claire foster Staff Portraits 19.06.2013

University of Southampton

Work-package 4 lead (Patient-facing tools)

Dr Katie Snape

St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

Work-package 5 (Clinical Education)

Prof. Nina Halowell

Nina Hallowell.jpg

University of Oxford

Work-package 6 lead (Ethics)

Dr Helen Hanson

St Georges University London

Work-package 3 (Clinical guidance)

Dr Fiona Lalloo

Central Manchester NHS  Foundation Trust

Work-package 3 (Clinical guidance)

Prof. Diana Eccles

University of Southampton

Program Co-Lead; Work-package 4 (Patient-facing tools)

Dr Jem Rashbass

Public Health England

Work-package 1a lead (National data collection) 

Dr Steven Hardy

Public Health England

Work-package 1a (National data collection) 

Prof. Paul Pharoah

University of Cambridge

Work-package 1c (Data analysis) 

Prof. Richard Houlston

Institute of Cancer Research

Work-package 2 (Data Resources for Variant Interpretation)

Dr Emma Woodward

University of Manchester

Work-package 3 (Clinical guidelines)

Prof. Kate Tatton-Brown

St Georges University London

Work-package 5 lead (Clinical education)

Dr Katherine Joekes

St Georges University London

Work-package 5 (Clinical Education)

Dr Ingrid Slade

University of Oxford

Work-package 6 (Ethics)

Program Committees


Science Advisory Committee 

William Foulkes (Chair)

McGill Centre for Translational Research in Cancer, Canda

Rachel Butler 

North Bristol NHS Trust
Majorlijn Ligtenberg

Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands
Mary Porteous

University of Edinburgh

Our Science Advisory Committee consists of four independent members drawn from leading scientists broadly representing the programme diversity.

The committee meet annually, along with CRUK and PPI representation, to monitor progress and provide scientific evaluation of the CGCV program of research to the program and work-package leads. The feedback received from the SAC is used to direct future research and program strategy.

Patient Reference Panel

Lesley Turner (Chair)

Independent Cancer Patient Voices


Further members TBA 

The Patient Reference Panel (PRP) will be made up of 'research partners': patients, carers and members of the public who are affected by cancer and have an interest in genetics. 

The PRP has been set up to for our research partners, working together with our research team, to look at how the CanGene-CanVar programme is set up and running, to make sure it is in the best interests of those who may be considering genetic testing, as well as making sure of good research outcomes. 

CanVIG Steering Committee

Alison Calloway (Co-Chair)

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Miranda Durkie (Co-Chair)

Sheffield University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Rachel Robinson

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
George Burghel

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
James Drummond

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
Ian Berry

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 
Andrew Wallace

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Our CanVIG-UK (Cancer Variant Interpretation Group) Steering Committee is formed of NHS Clinical Laboratory Scientist representatives from across the UK. 

The committee has been established from members of CanVIG, a group formed to improve the consistency of cancer genetic variant interpretation in the UK. The members are focussing the working priorities of CanVIG-UK and are an expert group of advisors supporting work-package 2


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This work was supported by Cancer Research UK [C61296/A27223]