About Us


CanGene-CanVar is a multi-centre programme with investigators from seven different organisations across the UK:

1) Institute of Cancer Research (lead site)

2) University of Cambridge

3) University of Southampton

4) Public Health England

5) University of Oxford

6) University of Manchester

7) St George's, University of London 


Learn more about our lead investigators here. 


To ensure our research is delivered to the highest standard, we have appointed committees to regularly review areas of the programme and share their expertise. 


Find out more about the members of our committees and their involvement in the programme here.

Programme Staff and Job Opportunities 

In addition to the lead investigators, we have a number of programme research staff including Post Docs, Bioinformaticians, Data Managers, and PhD students working across the programme. 

Here you can find the latest opportunities to join our programme staff team. 


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This work was supported by Cancer Research UK [C61296/A27223]