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   13 March   


Alice Garrett, Alison Callaway, Miranda Durkie, Cankut Cubuk, Mary Alikian, George J Burghel, Rachel Robinson, Louise Izatt, Sabrina Talukdar, Lucy Side, Treena Cranston, Sheila Palmer-Smith, Diana Baralle, Ian R Berry, James Drummond, Andrew J Wallace, Gail Norbury, Diana M Eccles, Sian Ellard, Fiona Lalloo, D Gareth Evans, Emma Woodward, Marc Tischkowitz, Helen Hanson, Clare Turnbull.

Marc Tischkowitz, Sidong Huang, Susana Banerjee, Jennifer Hague, William P.D. Hendricks, David G. Huntsman, Jessica D Lang, Krystal A Orlando, Amit M Oza, Patricia Pautier, Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Jeffrey M Trent, Michael Wichter, Leora Witkowski, W. Glenn McCluggage, Douglas A Levine, William D. Foulkes and Bernard E. Weissman

   10 March   


Mandelker D, Donoghue MTA, Talukdar S, Bandlamudi C, Srinivasan P, Vivek M, Jezdic S, Hanson H, Snape K, Kulkarni A, L, Douillard JY, Wallace SE, Rial-Sebbag E, Meric-Bersntam F, George A, Chubb D, Loveday C, Ladanyi M, Berger MF, Taylor BS, Turnbull C. 

      3 May      


Talukdar S, Hawkes L, Hanson H, Kulkarni A, Brady AF, McMullan DJ, Ahn JW, Woodward E, Turnbull C; UK Association for Clinical Genomic Science and UK Cancer Genetics Group.

     24 April    


Event Material


Annual Pan Program Meeting 2020 Agenda

7 February 2020

Science Advisory Committee Meeting 2020 Agenda

06 February 2020


Terms of Reference

Science Advisory Committee ToR

5 February 2020

Patient Reference Panel ToR

5 March 2020


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