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Cancer Research UK funded, 2019 - 2024

Advances in sequencing technology have catalysed dramatic expansion in genetic cancer susceptibility testing and there is an increasing drive to embed genomics into the UK National Health System. 


Expansion of genetic testing and increased identification of individuals with inherited genetic cancer susceptibility offers an opportunity for saving lives through early detection and prevention of cancer by effective targeting of resource to those at highest risk. 

To ensure safe and effective expansion of genetic testing into clinical care, best outcomes for patients, and equality of care throughout the NHS, tools and resources are required that enable translation of knowledge gained through research into clinical practice. 

Funded by Cancer Research UK, the 5-year CanGene-CanVar programme (April 2019 - March 2024) aims to create an interface between NHS and research settings that will underpin future expansions in genetic testing access.


Through six interlinked work-packages we will generate for tomorrow better evidence regarding cancer genetic risk from nationally available data. In concert, through clinical-facing resources, tools, and education we shall ensure the best evidence available today is applied effectively and consistently across our national NHS clinical and laboratory systems.

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Work Package 1

Jen Rashbass || Public Health England/Health Data Insight

Prof Eva Morris || University of Oxford

Prof Antonis Antoniou || University of Cambridge

Collection, linkage and analyses of nationally-collected genomic and cancer data

Work Package 2

Prof Clare Turnbull & Prof Richard Houlston || Institute of Cancer Research

Data clinical laboratory resources for genomic cancer variant interpretation

Medical Team

Work Package 3

Prof Marc Tischkowitz || University of Cambridge

Dr Helen Hanson ||  St George's

Prof Gareth Evans & Dr Fiona Lalloo & Dr Emma Woodward || University of Manchester

Dynamic evidence-based clinical guidance and sharing of best practice amongst the clinical genetics community

Work Package 4

Prof Claire Foster & Prof Diana Eccles || University of Southampton

Developing patient-facing tools to support decision-making

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Work Package 5

Prof Kate Tatton-Brown & Dr Katie Snape || St George's University London

Educational resources for the NHS workforce 

Work Package 6

Prof Anneke Lucassen & Prof Nina Hallowell || University of Oxford

Ethics, governance and policy

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