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About CanVIG-UK

The Cancer Variant Interpretation Group UK is a national multidisciplinary professional network with over 100 members representing the 25 Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories and Clinical Genetics Services of the UK (NHS) and Ireland.

The network was established in 2017, in response to recognition by the UK Association of Clinical Genomic Science (UK-ACGS) and the NHS Genomics Medicine Service of the need to develop and disseminate practice in the application of the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) variant interpretation framework.

The working priorities of CanVIG-UK are established by the CanVIG-UK Steering and Advisory Committee (CStAG).

Purpose of CanVIG-UK

To advance outcomes for patients by improving the accuracy and consistency of interpretation of variants in Cancer Susceptibility genes across the UK clinical-laboratory community. 

Who is CanVIG-UK for?

CanVIG-UK is for healthcare professionals with an interest in germline genetic variant interpretation. The membership currently includes: clinical scientists, clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, oncologists, and research academics.

CanVIG-UK Objectives

  • Creation of a national multidisciplinary professional network and regular forum.

  • Training and education.

  • Detailed specification for germline cancer genetics of the UK-ACGS Best Practice Guidelines for Variant Interpretation.

  • Ratification of additional guidance in germline cancer genetics relevant to the UK clinical-laboratory community.

  • Development of an online platform, CanVar-UK, to facilitate information sharing and variant interpretation within the UK clinical-laboratory community.

  • UK contribution to international variant interpretation endeavours.

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