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Work Package 5

Medical Education

Expansion of genetics and genomics within the NHS requires training and education of the wider clinical workforce to support conversations and shared decision-making between healthcare professionals and patients. Work package 5 will build on previous work from the team at St George's University of London and create sustainable educational resources for cancer genetics that are mindful of ease of accessibility, time pressures of busy front facing clinicians, and clinical need.

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Massive Online Open Courses are made available through platforms, such as FutureLearn, to all interested learners. 

The team are working with clinicians, laboratory staff, genetic counsellors and others across the programme to deliver a suite of courses covering the fundamental principles of variant interpretation, inherited cancer susceptibility, and somatic gene interpretation. 

The first two courses are planned to go live in 2022 on FutureLearn.

Risk Communication

Effective and accurate communication of risks, benefits and uncertainties surrounding cancer genetics is hugely important for shared decision-making with patients. 

The team have collaborated with the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication to produce a cancer genetics focussed eLearning course on risk communication. 

The course is accessible via the Winton Centre moodle site or via the Health Education England e-Learning site for NHS employees.

Training Needs Analysis

To ensure that training and educational resources are best focussed to meet the needs of the clinical workforce, the team are working with external collaborators to conduct Training Needs Analyses (TNA) of different clinical groups, including oncology specialists and trainees with our oncology panel chain, Dr Ellen Copson (University of Southampton). 

The findings of the TNAs will be used to inform future work and plan sustainable training and education opportunities. 

Meet The Team

British Journal of Haematology

First published: 06 February 2023

Beverley Speight, Helen Hanson, Clare Turnbull, Steven Hardy, James Drummond, Jamshid Khorashad, Christopher Wragg, Paula Page, Nicholas W. Parkin, Ana Rio-Machin, Jude Fitzgibbon, Austin Gladston Kulasekararaj, Angela Hamblin, Polly Talley, Terri P. McVeigh, Katie Snape, Consensus Meeting Attendees

Rippie K Tutika, James A Bennett, Jean Abraham, Katie Snape, Katrina Tatton-Brown, Zoe Kemp, Ellen Copson and Mark R Openshaw

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