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Pan Program Meeting 2020: Setting the scene

On Friday 7 February we welcomed program staff, investigators and collaborators to London for our Annual Pan Program meeting. Here we introduce a key theme from the meeting and share what each of our speakers presented on.

Setting the Scene

To kick start the day, we had an overview of CGCV from our program lead, Prof. Clare Turnbull.

This was followed by Ellen Graham (NHS England) sharing an insightful review of the genomics work undertaken by NHS England and the implementation of the NHS Genomic Medicine Service.

Much of the planned activity and implementation of genomics within the NHS has been informed by key learnings from the 100,000 genomes project launched in 2012. Such as: the need to better develop informatics/data infrastructures; the variations in access to testing across the UK; and differential utilisation of genomics across the care pathway. The NHS Genomic Medicine Service is being created in response to these key learnings. The overall vision is to create a consistent and high quality genomics service that will enable further knowledge to be gained, and improved care for patients to be achieved, through research.

Our final speaker for the session, was Dr Lauren Blackburn from the Public Health Genomics (PHG) Foundation, a policy think tank focused on emerging science and technologies.

Lauren shared some of their research and policy work that relates to CGCV. For example, PHG released a report titled, “Personalised prevention in breast cancer – the policy landscape” as part of a wider collaborative program known as B-CAST (Breast Cancer Stratification: understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular subtypes).



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