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Publication Spotlight: Work Package 1

The latest CanGene-CanVar publication comes from work Package 1: "Long-term outcomes of hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy: a systematic review and meta analysis" by Hend Hassan, Isaac Allen, Eleni Sofianopoulou, Yvonne Walburga, Clare Turnbull, Diana M. Eccles, Marc Tischkowitz, Paul Pharoah and Antonis C. Antoniou.


The aim of this study was to provide an up-to-date systematic review on the long-term outcomes of hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (BSO). This systematic review included studies of women who had hysterectomy with BSO and compared these to studies of women who had hysterectomy with ovarian conservation or no surgery.

The systematic review shows that hysterectomy with BSO at any age reduces the risk of ovarian cancer, and at a young age is associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer (Hazard ratio:0.78. 95% CI: 0.73-0.84). However, there was also associations with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), colorectal cancer (CRC), dementia, depression and CVD risk factors. This increased risk may be reduced by hormone replacement therapy (HRT), however further studies need to be carried out to confirm this. It is therefore, important to balance up the benefits and risk of hysterectomy with BSO.

Read the full paper here.


Written by Ruth McCarthy, Research Administrator at The Institute of Cancer Research


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