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Publication Spotlight: Work Package 4

The latest CanGene-CanVar publication comes from Work Package 4: "'A good decision is the one that feels right for me': Codesign with patients to inform theoretical underpinning of a decision aid website" by Kelly Kohut, Kate Morton, Karen Hurley, Lesley Turner, The CanGene-CanVar Patient Reference Panel, Caroline Dale, Susan Eastbrook, Rochelle Gold, Kate Henwood, Sonia Patton, Reshma Punjabi, Helen White, Charlene Young, Julie Young, Elizabeth Bancroft, Lily Barnett, Sarah Cable, Gaya Connolly, Beth Coad, Andrea Forman, Helen Hanson, Grace Kavanaugh, Katherine Sahan, Katie Snape, Bethany Torr, Rosalind Way, Elizabeth Winchester, Alice Youngs, The International Lynch Decision Aid Stakeholder Panel, Diana Eccles, and Claire Foster.


Patient decision aids (PtDA) can help improve decision making quality for a patient but these can often lack theoretical underpinning. The authors are co-designing a PtDA to help people with increased genetic cancer risks manage their choices. The aim of the innovative workshop described in this article was to engage with the people who will actually use the PtDA being co-designed, looking at the theoretical underpinning and logic model outlining the hypothesis of how the patient decision aid would lead to more informed decision making for the patients.

The main findings from this article were that there is no one "best fit" theory to target support needs in a PtDA, suggesting an inductive, flexible framework approach to programme theory would be the most effective. The logic model of the PtDA being co-designed was revised based upon the patient feedback. In conclusion, it was found that the co-design of PtDAs, including discussion about the theoretical mechanisms through which they support decision-making, has the potential to lead to improved patient care through understanding the intricately personal nature of health decision and tailoring content and format for holistic care.

Read the full article here.


Written by Ruth McCarthy, Research Administrator at the Institute of Cancer Research


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