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Pan Programme Webinar - recording available

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

On Friday (17 July 2020) we hosted our first Pan Programme webinar: an opportunity to meet the investigators involved in CanGene-CanVar and learn more about their research areas. If you weren't able to attend, we now have the recording available to watch via Zoom.


Agenda with recording times

  • Prof. Clare Turnbull, Introduction to CanGene-CanVar (not recorded)

  • Research Partners, PPI involvement in CGCV (not recorded)

  • 0:06 Steven Hardy, Public Health England, Work Package 1a National Data Collection

  • 12:16 Prof. Eva Morris, University of Oxford, Work Package 1b Data Linkage

  • 27:11 Prof. Antonis Antoniou, University of Cambridge, Work Package 1c Data Analysis

40:54 Questions and break

  • 49:05 Dr. Alice Garrett, Institute of Cancer Research, Work Package 2 Cancer Variant Interpretation Tools

  • 1:00:16 Dr. Helen Hanson, St George's, Work Package 3 Clinical Guidelines

  • 1:11:36 Kelly Kohut, University of Southampton, Work Package 4 Patient-Facing Tools

  • 1:21:32 Prof. Kate Tatton-Brown, St George's, Work Package 5 - Clinical Education and MOOCs

  • 1:30:36 Dr. Kate Sahan, University of Oxford, Work Package 6 - Ethics and Governance

How to watch

You can watch* the webinar on Zoom via the following link: (Access Password: 0B$2k4*5)

Please note, the audio-transcript is an automated service and therefore, does not always reflect what the speaker has said.

*The recording is available until Saturday 17 October 2020.


Thank you to all our speakers and guests for attending. We are looking to deliver regular webinars and would really appreciate your feedback.


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